In 2008, I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with a certificate in printmaking. I then attended the University of Pennsylvania where I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in art and a minor in geology. I have done scientific illustration for various paleontological publications, the newly renovated Dinosaur National Monument, the Marco Island Historical Society's museum, and for the History Channel'sbook and series, "Mankind: The Story of All of Us." My artwork has appeared in Scientific American, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and on several major television news outlets including NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and the CBS Evening News. I am also an active fine artist and have participated in a number of fine art shows at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Artists' House Gallery, Pterodactyl Gallery, and the Plastic Club in Philadelphia, among others.

Both my scientific illustration and fine art are based in my interests in biology, geology, and the natural world. My work is influenced by the time I've spent doing volunteer conservation work in South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, and paleontological fieldwork at various sites in the Western U.S and Mexico.


I was privileged to work as a scientific illustrator for Walters and Kissinger from 2010 to 2014. In 2013, I accepted a year-long artist's residency for the Wagner Free Institute of Science's SNAP program in which I taught paleontology and paleo art to inner city middle school students. I spend my summers as an artist-in-residence at the Carter County Museum in Montana where I focus on exhibit design, skeletal mount fabrication, graphic design, and paleontological field work. I am currently the studio manager and a working taxidermist at Prey Taxidermy in Los Angeles where I am able to focus on exhibit design and specimen repair as part of my graduate work in Museum Studies at Johns Hopkins University. I work part time at the Moore Lab of Zoology repairing bird mounts and mounting new specimens for the teaching collection, and currently do illustration on a freelance basis.

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